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This year, Google is really pushing the move to SSL – they have even said they will punish sites that are not encrypted. On October 27, Google Chrome will mark your website as “not secure”. 

The new version of the Chrome browser will be introduced, in which all HTTP websites will get the warning badge when:
– You interact with any input field
– The page contains a password field
– You are browsing in Chrome’s incognito mode.

If your website runs on HTTP, then that means your customers will see the warning. This might make your website visitor feel doubtful about making a purchase, submitting a form, or even browsing your website.

Will my website get the “not secure” Chrome badge?

Open Google Chrome and enter your website URL address. If you see the “secure” badge (like in the above screenshot), you’re fine. That means your website runs on HTTPS, and all data that your website sends to the server and back is encrypted, i.e secure. You’re fine.

If you see http:// (without “s”) in your site address and do not see the “secure” badge — you are affected. Continue reading to find out how to react.

What to do? We recommend you to switch your website to HTTPS as soon as possible. We can help you with this.

SSL (secure socket layer) certificates have been becoming more popular with the recent release of the news that Google will punish websites that are not encrypted.

On top of that, Google also said they are “starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal.”

Additionally, Google sent out warnings that Chrome will start showing “not secure” on non-https pages:

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If you don’t have your website on a SSL yet, now is the time!

Whether Karma Marketing + Media developed your business website or some other website design company did, we can help you get your site up to Google’s standards. It needs to be done quickly because time is running out.

There are lots of reasons to move to SSL on your blog even outside of SEO, so if you don’t have one yet… what are you waiting for?

Contact Michael Given at (941) 500-4530 to talk about moving your website into compliance with Google.

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