Cutting-Edge Advantages

Cutting-Edge Advantages

Karma Marketing + Media is thrilled to add an exciting new tool for our monthly users: Hotjar. Let’s face it, knowing how much traffic you get on your website is useful, but it doesn’t give you enough information to streamline your business. Hotjar helps you truly understand your website visitors, and allows you to discover […]

We Will Filter, Spam I Am

Sarasota Spam Filter Management

Spam is always a nuisance when it comes to your web presence. Those pesky spam bots not only clutter up your website, but ruin your Google analytics data, and who needs that? Karma Marketing + Media will help you take additional steps to filter out spam and protect not only your analytics but potential Malware. […]

Sarasota Web Design: A New Year…New Marketing Opportunities!


A New Year…the same Michael! Starting off the New Year offering you a pineapple – a symbol of warmth, welcome, friendship, and hospitality.  Did you know that you can cut the top off of a pineapple, stick it in the ground (or pot for you colder climate friends) and it will grow a new pineapple?? […]

Sarasota Web Design: Monthly Marketing Packages – Working Hard for Your Business

PASSION. FOCUS. DETERMINATION. AWESOME. Being passionate, focused, determined and ready is what Michael does while training for a race or marketing your business. Monthly Marketing Packages work hard for your business…every month. Karma Marketing + Media comes alongside your business and makes you look AWESOME – while you are busy doing what you do. What […]