We Will Filter, Spam I Am

Sarasota Spam Filter Management

Spam is always a nuisance when it comes to your web presence. Those pesky spam bots not only clutter up your website, but ruin your Google analytics data, and who needs that? Karma Marketing + Media will help you take additional steps to filter out spam and protect not only your analytics but potential Malware. […]

Sarasota Web Design: So…You Want People to Share Your Post?


Are your posts authentic and have personality? Would you share your own post? Do you?! You know you need to be original. How do you do that? You have to have your own voice – not copying the voice of your competitor. The world or marketing with content is difficult. Standing out can feel impossible. […]

Sarasota Web Design: “Community Engagement” Are YOU Engaged?


We’ve heard the term “Community Engagement” thrown around in meetings when discussing business goals with clients. But what are you saying…and more importantly what are you planning on DOING when your community does engage? If the answer is, nothing – beware. Everyone wants a positive reputation among their “community” whatever that means to the individual […]

Sarasota Web Design: FREE Facebook Page / Header for Your Business

Having a Facebook presence for your business is important for getting the word out about new products, new services, events happening at your business and more. Facebook is free for your business to market to your audience – why wouldn’t you take advantage of that? There is no magic bullet for marketing, but having a […]

Social Media Elements We Love: Facebook Sweepstakes


This month we are talking about Facebook Sweepstakes. Facebook Sweepstakes an be one of the secrets to making your Facebook page go “viral.” It’s also a great way to grow your fan base and give something of value back to your customers. So what make something “viral”? What does that mean to you as a […]