Sarasota Web Design: Responsive Logos – Does Making Over Your Logo Make Sense?


We know responsive websites are here to stay – if your website is not responsive, you need to think about getting it there. But lately, we’ve been hearing more and more about responsive logos. What is a responsive logo, you ask? Well, much like a responsive website, the responsive logo reformats to the device it is being viewed on. You can see some great examples of well known brands using responsive logo design here.

But is it for your business? Your established logo? Does your business have to be an established brand or can a start up get away with this new trend? When does responsive logo design come into play?

Whether you are on board to makeover your logo, make it responsive, or just recognize how it looks on various devices – responsiveness is here to stay. To answer some of the questions asked above, it makes sense to think about your logo – the “mark” of your business. Can it be legible and easily identified on a smartphone? Does it lose some of its identity when sized below 2”? Is your current and future audience making buying decisions on tablets and smart devices? (The answer to this last question is, YES!)

When considering a responsive logo, remember – your logo is the pillar of your brand. Having a family of logos in your arsenal to strengthen your brand is always a good idea. Make sure you are in control of what your audience sees and how they see it. It’s easier than you think – and a responsive logo might be a good place to start.

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