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A Seamless Collaboration: Sunburst Memorials and Karma Marketing + Media

Sunburst Memorials have been preserving memories in granite since 1917. This company knows quality, tradition, tone, quality, and technology to the core. When Sunburst Memorials joined Karma Marketing + Media in revamping their website, it was a natural fit.
Sunburst Memorial’s focus is and has always been their customers. The importance of the right tone, the right mood, and the right imagery for their new website really shows the depth of caring the company has for each of customer they serve.
Every detail of the new website was created around Sunburst Memorials’ target audience and their current customer base. The size of the text, the navigation, the imagery, the usability of the site – was thought through with care.
Visit the Sunburst Memorials new website and keep them in mind when considering a granite purchase – whether a memorial for a loved one, or granite counter-tops for your kitchen, bath, or office. They truly care about each of their customers and keep your best interest at heart. What a great company!
Here’s what Steve from Desch Paine Memorials (a Sunburst Memorial location) has to say about Karma Marketing + Media:
“The Sunburst website is SO MUCH BETTER than it was before […]. Kudos to all involved and this will help improve our image and help sales too as we now have a new, more modern look for those families that like to use the Internet.
Thank you for doing that [creating an improved website] for the team and the company. Money well spent and money that should return to us many times over in the future. Probably wish this would have been done sooner.
You have certainly given us many fine tools to aid us in selling – beautiful new brochure, Monuvision, updated websites, etc. Now it is up to all sales people and staff to use it.” Steve Irwin, Desch Paine Memorials.

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