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Logo Design Consultation with Karma Marketing + Media

Karma Marketing + Media (Sarasota, FL) has had a lot of inquiries when it comes to refreshing logos or creating a brand new logo lately. Yay! People just don’t know where to begin. What should your brand “look” like? What best conveys your mission and/or strategy? What questions should you ask?

They come to Karma because, well, they want to look awesome. And we make it easy for that to happen. So…where to start? We’ve broken it down to a few key questions that really get to the heart of creating the brand you will be proud of. Consider answering some of the questions – either out loud or in your head – and get your head around the direction of your brand.

  • What logos speak to you (for each business)?
  • What do you look for in a logo?
  • What color(s) do you feel best represent your brand(s)?
  • Where would your logo be used most?
  • Who are some of your top “competitors”?
  • Do you feel the symbols provided best represent your brand? Are there other symbols you have considered?
Want a more in-depth look at the process of designing a logo? Take a look at this article (Source: for 55+ Questions to Ask When Designing a Logo. Broken into 5 categories: company/organization questions, branding questions, design preferences, target audience, budgets & proofing – you’ll get a clear picture of what you want, what you need to communicate, and how to end up with a logo you can be more than proud of.
We wish you a solid brand identity that clearly represents you and your organization. If you have questions or would like more information on logo design, give Michael Given a call (941) 500-4530.

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