Sarasota Web Design: Karma Block Hours – Why Would You Need Them?

Great question! Do you want access to a Graphic Designer? A Copy-righter? A Website Developer? A Social Media Expert? One-on-one time with Michael Given? Karma Marketing + Media Block Hours can be used for any and all combinations of the above Karma experts. Maybe you don’t know what you need – that’s ok too. Purchase the Block Hours now and use them any time in the future.

Monthly Marketing System members – Block Hours are used in combination of the plan to enhance our marketing efforts.

If you need more hours than my plan allows for custom graphics, further web development, etc. we suggest purchasing and utilizing some block hours. We’ve had some pretty decent success with just ten hour packages of block hours or twenty hour packages that can get used above and beyond the marketing plan, or the monthly marketing packages. So let’s say you’re on the $750 plan, but you want some additional website changes. Well then that ten hours that you have pre-purchased can just be used for whatever it is you need done with the website.

Block Hours can be used in situations where more print or product related artwork is desired as well. Utilizing Block Hours for access to your own graphic designer (graphic design services) – may not be in the plan that you’ve chosen, so Block Hours supplement the artwork time. This also works for any types of services that aren’t in the plan that you initially selected.

If you would like to make some small (or not so small) changes to your website, marketing, logo, social media voice – then purchase Karma Block Hours and let us take care of the rest. Block Hours are purchased in blocks of 10 hours. Now until January 15, 2015, Karma Block Hours will be only $90 per hour! Purchase your Block Hours today and be ready to hit the ground running in 2015. Call Michael Given (941-500-4530) for details or to reserve your hours.

Ignite Your Brand Online with Karma Marketing + Media.

Take the first step towards digital triumph – dial Michael Given.

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