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How to Manage Your Restaurant’s Brand Reputation Online

If you own or operate a restaurant, you know how competitive it can be. What’s hot today is a wind tunnel by next week. Your brand reputation is your bread and butter, and one small, negative review online can reek havoc with your sales.

Likewise, one good review or mention in a popular magazine or newspaper can really bring in business. With so much marketing that happens online, you need to manage that in a professional and speedy manner.

Let’s look at a few key ways you can stay ahead of the competition and keep your customers coming back.

Brand Reputation

Once you are established, people associate certain aspects of your restaurant with certain foods, feelings, and past events. It’s important to keep that.

Use Social Media

The best part of using these platforms is you can send pictures of your food. People seem to like that. But you can use it to your advantage. Start a promotion of ‘tag yourself here’ with the daily dish and make it go viral.

Send out ‘Question of the day’ and offer deals, freebies or discounts for the first five winners. Hold contests where followers are to guess a secret ingredient in your daily special.

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Website Design

You can’t survive in business without a website. if you don’t have one or don’t have time to run it, hire professionals to do it for you. It’s imperative it’s up to date. When people go to your website, they need to see your location, your contact number, and your menu.

Post your daily special, soup of the day, and any other types of fun special you use for promotion, lime 2 for 1 date night or Spaghetti Saturday.

For regular contributions of content, get someone who understands marketing, how to spread the good word and will do a great job in monitoring it all for you.

Read Reviews

Read your reviews all the time on all the sites you can. Save the good ones for promotion but don’t discount the bad comments. The reason behind the bad review isn’t as important as the negative comments themselves.

Acknowledge the user, thank them for bringing the problem to your attention and tell them you will look into it. Offer them a voucher for a dinner, drinks or a complimentary meal. If they are genuine, they will claim it.

Community Involvement

Offer to supply pizza for the local baseball team or a special for teams to come in for meals. This will get around on social media very quickly. People love a feel-good story and they love to share them with their friends.

Turn up the Heat

The fact is, no matter how good your food is, people want to see what others think. That means online. Your brand reputation can be made online just as easily as it can be destroyed.

Unless you are savvy when it comes to internet promotion and have the time, please contact us to look after your needs for you.

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