Sarasota Web Design: How Does Karma Do It? How Do We Generate Content About YOUR Business?

Effortless Content Generation: How We Transform Your Ideas into Marketing Gold

Generating marketing content specifically for your business is easier than you think. Here is a little about our process: When we connect on our monthly marketing call, the call is recorded. “Why do you record our calls?”, you may ask. Because that is how we have hacked the system to get your ideas, thoughts, and words into content that can be used to successfully market your business. This saves you a TON of time by not having to actually write copy. The copy is created as quickly as you can talk about your services, products, specials, events, product features, etc
During your call, we ask strategic questions that get to the heart of what you want to focus on for marketing your business. After the call, it goes straight to transcription and then we kick that transcription over to our copywriter for editing.

The content from our monthly calls is edited and crafted for your marketing channels:

  • Website Blog / Latest News (up to 5/mth)
  • Website Content Updates (FAQ’s, New Pages)
  • Social Media Messaging (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Constant Contact E-Blast Design & Mailings
This provides consistent messaging provides useful and engaging content for your potential and current customers.If you would like more information on how this actually works, and if it works, connect with Michael (320) 230-7060 for more information.

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