Sarasota Web Design: Great Customer Service…It’s More Important Than You Think


Maximizing Customer Service through Social Media Engagement

The Karma Marketing + Media team is constant talking about the importance of Customer Service and how greatly a business can be impacted by customer service – good or bad.
In this article they start out asking if your customers are on social media. Well…of course they are! You should be leveraging social media to really get a solid handle on how your business is perceived based on your customer service.
You can find out how to provide great customer service – it’s not rocket science. In the article, the tips are good – make a good plan, follow your plan, train your staff (TRAIN YOUR STAFF!), and address complaints – and you’ll be winning in the customer service arena.
Don’t ignore what people are saying about you. Don’t brush it under the rug or look the other way – that is a mistake your business will have a hard time recovering from.
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