Sarasota Web Design: “Community Engagement” Are YOU Engaged?


Strategies for Meaningful Interaction

We’ve heard the term “Community Engagement” thrown around in meetings when discussing business goals with clients. But what are you saying…and more importantly what are you planning on DOING when your community does engage?
If the answer is, nothing – beware. Everyone wants a positive reputation among their “community” whatever that means to the individual business. From Facebook friends, to bloggers, to retweets – we all want to get the most out of every piece of content – including have our community share/like/comment on the content. And that may be what is meant by “community engagement”.
But, what happens when you don’t engage back? What happens when you get the comments, likes, shares and then…crickets? What does that do to your reputation and brand?
People quickly can feel when there is a disconnect between them and a brand they love. Make sure you have a clear strategy for engaging with your community yourself. People quickly feel let down by a brand (or person) if they are not responding (or engaging) with them in conversation – on any platform. It cheapens their interaction with you and often times leaves them looking elsewhere where they feel more valued.
Do yourself a favor – sit down and create a clear strategy/plan for your part of the relationship. How can you nurture your clients and future clients – how can you add value to their experience and respond in a way that accurately reflects your brand?
Your online presence means a lot to the future of your business. Take the time to invest in your strategy – invest in your business. Develop that positive reputation with your audience…and then continue to nurture it.

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