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Mastering Email Contact Management: Simplifying Your Approach

How do you manage your Email Contact List?

Is your email contact list nicely organized with tags, groups, and all the information you need to target the perfect client? Great! 😉

If you have a “General Interest” list, or a “Facebook Contacts” list and don’t know where the other lists are or where your other customers are, you may need a little help. Karma Marketing + Media offers importing and organization of email contacts within our email marketing services. Think of us as your super excited and fired up intern – ready to get your clients the messages they need to hear. The first step is getting your list organized and ready to work for you.

If you are looking for that little bit of organization and help with your email marketing efforts, give Michael a call to find out how Karma Marketing + Media can support you and your business. (320) 230-7060.

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