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A whopping 92% of consumers that search a business or service on their phone end up making a related purchase.

How’s that for a conversion rate?

Chances are, your customers are searching for you on mobile. The question is: are you providing them with a mobile friendly website that turns those views into customers that come to dine with you?

If the answer is no, you’ve got some work to do. Before learning how to make your website mobile friendly, let’s start with why you want to do so in the first place.

There are 4 big reasons for making your restaurant website mobile friendly, and we’ve listed them all for you below.

More Money Is Spent on Mobile

Out of all the time spent on online retail, 55% occurs on a mobile device. That means that there’s more money to be made from making your restaurant website mobile friendly than if it’s only optimized for desktop.

Mobile Consumers Are Different

Mobile users are not your traditional consumer. They want their search for information to be effortless and they won’t wait patiently for it.

Websites that aren’t optimized for use on mobile devices take longer to load and are difficult to browse. Though it may be possible to pull them up on a mobile device, users are 53% more likely to leave a site if it doesn’t load within the first 3 seconds of their arrival.

Consider that when your diners are searching you out they’re likely already hangry. Making your website mobile friendly satisfies their impatience and their desire to eat right away.

Making Your Website Mobile Friendly Captures Clients in Real-Time

35% of people who own smartphones use them to locate a store.

When potential clients are looking for somewhere to dine on their mobile device, you want them to be able to check all the aspects of your restaurant as fast as possible and make the choice to come to you. That can only happen when your website is mobile friendly.

Add to that the fact that only 56% of small businesses have a mobile friendly website and you’ve got yourself a competitive advantage over other restauranteurs.

Google Likes Responsive Design

First of all, what is responsive design?

In layman’s terms: responsive web design ensures that your server sends the same HTML code to all devices so the user gets a useable and readable site regardless of what device they’re using.

How does Google favor it?

In April 2015, Google changed their algorithm to account for the consistent increase in mobile searches. As a result of that change, websites that use responsive design and are deemed mobile friendly rank better than those that are not.

When diners are searching for the closest restaurants nearby, you want to be sure your website comes up at the top of that search.

How to Make a Website Mobile Friendly

Now that you know why making your website mobile friendly is important to bringing in diners, you’re probably wondering how you go about doing that.

We can help with that. Have a look at our Capabilities to find out how we can help you with responsive design.

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