Sarasota Web Design: You’ve Sent An Email to Your Email List, Now What?

Unlocking Insights: Making Sense of Opens, Click-Throughs, and Beyond

What to do after that painstaking, time consuming email is sent? You’ve spent a lot of time crafting your message, creating a great call-to-action and maybe even putting together some nice graphics and you just hit the submit button – now what?

Karma Marketing + Media can show you how to leverage your Constant Contact report to meet your goals. What do you do with the opens, the click-throughs, etc? How do you follow-up and what information do you include in your follow-up?

Call Michael (320) 230-7060 to discuss your situation and what goals you have for marketing to your email list.

After-all…your list is your business.

Craft Your Digital Destiny with Karma Marketing + Media.

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