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Mastering AC Business Website Design: Identifying and Fixing Common Pitfalls

A viewer’s first impression of a website happens in two-tenths of a second. That impression gets solidified in less than three seconds. The average customer shopping online for products or services is looking for instant results, does your website deliver the goods?

Identifying bad website design starts with a bit of humility. You have to use an objective rationale if you want the best results. If you’re unsure about what makes good web design, resulting in positive first-impressions, this guide is for you.

Once you identify bad web design, you can start making smart investments in improving your AC business’ conversion rates.

What Is 'Bad Website Design'?

Bad web design isn’t always obvious to the untrained eye. Yes, the websites that look dated, flat, or contain bad grammar are major suspects. For all others, there are certain elements that make poor user experiences and, ultimately, bad first-impressions.

Poor or missing mobile optimization is a huge roadblock for small businesses. Mobile browsers surpassed desktop users in traffic two years ago. That means if you haven’t optimized your website for mobile traffic, you’re missing half your base off the bat.

Responsive web design solves that problem, as well as the ugly designs with dated menus, buttons, and etc. Having a streamlined and easy-to-read interface is important if you want to give the customer a premium experience. Too much clutter and you’ll frustrate and lose potential customers.

Slow page loading is another cornerstone of bad web design. Speeding up page loads may require using a different template, caching of data, and compressing large images.

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Why You Can't Afford to Ignore Bad Design

You might think that redesigning your website isn’t realistic with your budget, but can you really afford mediocrity? Think about how an ugly or unresponsive website reflects your brand’s image. It hurts your credibility over time.

Customers comparing AC businesses in Sarasota are going to side with the most trustworthy service. If your competitor has comparable rates, customers will decide based on the browsing experience. Dated web design tells the customer that the company isn’t keeping up with the times.

If your website’s bad design is inconveniencing the customer due to the confusing or slow navigation, that’s another point off. Imagine someone trying to learn about a company without a working A/C. Their patience is going to be very short.

Stay Cool with a Strong Web Presence

After reading through all the web design snafus, take another look at your company’s home page. Does it stand up to scrutiny? Is it an accurate representation of your business?

If you cannot definitively say “yes” to those questions, you might want a second opinion from a professional.

Don’t let bad website design keep your business from reaching its full potential. Contact us, an experienced web design company that can future-proof your business. Get a full website and branding consultation today and we’ll show you the type of numbers you should expect from a modern, responsive website.

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