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Search Engine Reputation Management

Search engines are the primary means by which the 3.5 billion people who have access to the internet today interact with the web. Proving that point, Google alone processes over 4 billion searches on a daily basis.

All of that means it’s more important than ever that Google views your law firm favorably and ranks it high when users are searching for legal help in your area of practice.

Among the factors Google weighs to determine search results, online reputation is one of the biggest. Your reputation online is deduced by total review scores clients leave on certain platforms. These platforms include places like Google, Yelp, and more.

To help make you fully aware of the benefits search engine reputation management can bring to your firm, below is a list of the top ways that managing your online reputation can impact your business.

1. A Good Reputation Preserves Your Google 3 Pack Placement

Google’s 3 pack is a widget showcasing the very top local businesses Google suggests in an area.

If your business has low reviews, it will be hard to break into the 3 pack. Even if you were able to, your reduced click-through given your negative reputation will lead to your quick removal.

Good reputation management will keep your review aggregate high and preserve your placement.

2. You’ll Land Better Employees

When people think search engine reputation management, they think about customers. Thanks to companies like Glass Door, however, employees are also looking for well-reviewed businesses before sending in their applications.

Bad reviews on your company culture means bottom of the barrel employee picks.

3. Your Happy Customers can Promote Your Business

Through online reputation management, your Sarasota law firm will be featured on major review platforms. This will give your happy customers a place to celebrate your services.

These word of mouth recommendations can mean a huge boost for your client funnel.

4. Free Insight on How to Improve

Companies pay thousands of dollars to collect tons of survey data to improve the quality of their services.

With online reputation management services, your company can seamlessly collect critical feedback. You can then incorporate it into your practice to maximize the way you do business for free!

5. You Can Resolve Conflicts and Improve Transparency

Whether or not you choose to be present on review platforms, your Sarasota law firm will inevitably appear on them. If you’re not investing in search engine reputation management, you may end up with a company profile filled with misinformation. This negativity can come from a few dissatisfied customers that will make new customers want to stay away.

With reputation management, you can offer resolutions to conflicts. You can correct misinformation. You can show customers that you care about their experiences.

In turn, you’ll garner more business for your legal practice.

Wrapping Up How Search Engine Reputation Management Can Benefit Your Sarasota Law Firm

There are over a million practicing attorneys in the United States alone. To cut through that clutter, you’ll want to make sure that people online are aware of the quality of your services.

There’s no better way to do this and rise up search rankings than with search engine reputation management!

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We provide Sarasota law firms with a wide variety of digital marketing and reputation management solutions. These are aimed at exploding their online presence and increasing their profitability substantially.

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