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HVAC Website Features

HVAC website essentials?

The secret’s out: A HVAC repair business has the potential to pull in serious income. But now that more people are noticing that potential, you have more competition. Does your website have what it takes to keep you ahead of the competition? Your HVAC website needs to focus on your unique brand and telling customers who you are. At the same time, there are essential features every site needs to be successful. To bring in more traffic and more customers, make sure your site has the following features.

1. A Responsive Design

Did you know around half of today’s web traffic comes from mobile devices? If you only considered the way your site looks on desktop browsers when you created it, half of your customers are seeing a broken site.

The key to fixing this is a responsive design. This means your site’s layout adjusts to any screen size, making it look attractive and easy to use on any device.

2. Informative Content

One of the most important things you need on your site to pull in traffic is great content.

People all over your service area are searching questions like, “why isn’t my air conditioner working,” or “what kind of HVAC filter should I use.” If you answer those questions on your site, you have a chance to show up in those searches.

Not only does great content pull in traffic but it also boosts your reputation. It shows that you’re an expert in your field, which makes customers more likely to trust you with their homes.

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3. Customer Testimonials

Any business can make themselves look great online. That’s why customers want other opinions before they hire someone. In fact, 91% of people read online reviews at least occasionally before making a purchase.

You can answer that need on your website by posting testimonials from your happy customers. They can be written testimonials, video testimonials, or both.

Incorporate these testimonials into your website design. For example, include a few in a slider on your home page. Add them to your pages for each of the services you offer.

No testimonials? No problem.

One option is to use excerpts from reviews customers have posted on other sites about you. Make sure you don’t include their full name, though, to remain discrete. You can also ask your recent customers to write testimonials for you.

4. An Easy Contact Method

All the features above are great for convincing customers to hire you. If they can’t figure out how to do that, though, it could all go to waste.

Make sure your website includes an easy way for customers to reach you. Display your phone number in many places that are easy to read.

On top of a phone number, you need a digital way for customers to contact you. Those who work during your service hours may not have time for a phone call. You could offer an email address for customers to contact. If you prefer, you could include a contact form on the site or even invest in an online chat feature.

Revamping Your HVAC Website

As much as you’d love to think your business will thrive based on word of mouth from your customers, that isn’t reality. Having a great HVAC website helps you pull in new customers and grow your business, and the features above are a powerful start.

If you’re ready to start improving your website and boosting your revenue, call our web design experts today.

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