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Mastering traditional search methods and getting the most of local search are not the same thing. From a general standpoint, SEO requires you to do keyword research, use link building, and publish content on a consistent basis.

Other efforts go into creating a successful site, but they are all taken one step further when you start thinking about local search. At that point, there are even more SEO tricks available to use and boost your presence!

It may sound like a lot to handle, but local search and traditional SEO actually go hand in hand when you get the hang of everything. Here are three things to focus on to help you get started.

1. Get on Google My Business

Creating an account with Google My Business is kind of like indexing your website for basic SEO purposes. It puts you “on the map” in the most literal sense possible by giving you exposure on Google Maps.

This allows users to find you when they open their navigation app to do a search. It’s incredibly beneficial considering not all mobile searches are done directly through the standard Google search bar.

When you open your account, you’re able to upload pictures of your dental practice. These aren’t any old pictures, either. Google gives you the option of taking potential patients on a 360 virtual tour as long as you upload all the content.

You can also share pictures of your staff and post your contact information for easy access to your website.

2. Make Your NAP Consistent All Over

The contact information mentioned above also allows users to place a direct call from their search to your office. As convenient as that is, you need to make sure all of your contact details are correct and consistent.

In terms of local SEO, this is referred to as NAP – your Name, Address, and Phone number. Everything needs to be displayed in the same way throughout your website and the rest of your online presence (i.e. social media and emails).

You can’t have “45th Street” written on your homepage then “45 St.” at the bottom of a blog post. It’s sloppy, and it confuses Google bots. They still understand it’s you, but they’re more likely to rank a dentist who has fine-tuned their NAP to look the same everywhere.

3. Leverage Patient Reviews

As much as the content you share matters, so does the organic content generated by users! Loyal patients and first-timers of your dental practice alike are sure to leave reviews.

They may talk about anything from how you soothed their dental anxiety to fixed their children’s smile or made scheduling so easy. Whatever your patients are saying, though, make sure it’s good!

Bad reviews not only damage your local reputation online and in real life, but they hinder your local search performance. On the other hand, good reviews give you plenty of opportunities to leverage user content. Feel free to share the good things people are saying – and always respond to reviews, whether they’re good or bad!

Use These SEO Tricks to Their Full Potential

It’s one thing to understand SEO tricks when you read about them, and another to start using them to your advantage. Thankfully, you don’t have to figure out local search alone.

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