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Sarasota Web Design: 2 Mobile Sites Launched!


Karma Marketing + Media Launches 2 Mobile Sites!

Prairie Lakes Management – Lakewood Heights and Ryan Brucker, both recongized the importance of having a mobile presence for their clientele. Karma worked with both companies to create an easy to navigate mobile site.
By 2014, it is well known that mobile Internet usage will take over desktop browsing. Which means that these are brackish times for your web-presence and that you need to cater to two distinctly different crowds.
The reality today is that people are searching in different ways and many of those searches are happening at red lights (or reddish lights).
When searches happen for your product or service, your website needs to show up at Google and then it needs to help get that person who has time on their hands to research the info that they are looking for.
BUT – for the overscheduled person racing through life, who just has a few minutes to spare at an intersection, you need to help them be able to immediately reach out to you so that your staff can help them fix whatever issue is ailing them.
Because, at the next stoplight, they’ll be checking off another box. Hopefully the last box checked was a phone call to your office.

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